The Kingdom of God is   Founded on a Stone   Rejected by the Builders.
About Swarga Dwar

Swarga Dwar was founded in 1983 by Rev. Fr. Carlo Torriani, PIME. The leprosy patients, who are near the gate of heaven, come here to spend peacefully the rest of their lives and die with dignity. Swarga Dwar, Ashram and Rehabilitation Centre was started with a particular motto: ”The Kingdom of God is built on a stone rejected by the builders“. The services of Swarga Dwar have been extended from the leprosy patients to the welfare of HIV/AIDS patients, leprosy and street children.

Ashram: SwargaDwar is an ashram, but it is some how an unusual ashram. Ashrams are places of prayer and reflection. In the ashram, there is always a Guru. In SD the guru is REALITY, that means, whatever you see around you. You see leprosy patients who live a serene life, not begging but working to produce their food.They are here because they have been rejected by society. So, what kind of society is out there where we come from? Jesus too had been rejected by society. A society that rejects is not surely the kingdom of god. We pray every day: "May Your Kingdom come on earth". But we still keep rejecting people create by God. THIS IS THE MESSAGE AND CHALLENGE OF THIS ASHRAM.

Did never ask ourselves why people reject leprosy patients? I think that is because they are the image of death. More than any other disease, leprosy which disfigures the body, recalls to us death . And we are all afraid of death. That is the reason why we do not want to see the image of death THE LEPROSY PATIENT.