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Today I will not go to school. . .

Every morning during breakfast Timunti five years, is close to me with a fake crying and tries to convince me that 'today does not want to go to school'. That 'the refrain of every day. First, begin to murmur with Mr. Lobo: our grandfather, loved by everyone who takes care of children and deals with them to school, and then go get them and assist them in the study. Mr. Lobo directs you to the sisters and nuns direct it to me. The manner in which she cries Timuti does not 'offend anyone, not even me, and I only get the urge to keep it close embrace and cuddle a bit'. But then I have to convince him that at school the teacher is waiting for him with a little 'of candy. The child comes to me with a tear in the eye, while all the other children watch and seems to want to say something very important in my ear and tells me in a whisper: "I do not want to go to school today." I have to pick him up and I have to ask him in secret, "'cause you do not want to go to school today?". Course having no real answers, repeats the chorus two or three times, "uuummm ... uuummm ... aaj nahi school janega "(now do not go to school). Then I start my share, pretending to scold his grandfather with an angry tone, accusing the insengante, and ensuring that the insengnante will deal with 'good Timuti, and will give him' some candy. Only such scenes, then Timuti goes with the other children to put the school uniform.

Of course, all of us when we were little, not 'we had a great desire to go to school ... perhaps pero'avevamo moms and dads' that convinced us to send to school with some cookie or candy or some baccione tenderness. But I wonder: Timuti, knowing that your request will not be 'approved perche'ci feels the same way, every day? Apart from the desire not to go to school, maybe she wants to demonstrate in front of his friends that he 'loved most' of them all.

Timuti and 'born on 20 Augustus 2008. But 'born from parents who were already' infected by the disease of AIDS. He has a sister who is also in a girls' hostel. One day his mother and sister were waiting for a train at a railway station in Mumbai. As the train was coming, in that vast crowd, his mother noticed at the last minute, that the girl was playing dangerously on the edge of the track. While Mom saved the girl sari remained entangled in the train and the mother died in the accident. Poverty 'and misfortune are associated and the children were orphaned. The Pope 'which is an AIDS patient, with many difficulties' is a daily work as a bricklayer. Timuti lived with Dad 'that during the day to not leave it in the slums, led him in the workplace. Sometimes even Timuti saliva of those buildings under construction dangerous, and likely to fall and die. The father does not know how long it will 'survive with his illness but want to give her a safe life to the child. So 'Timuti and' arrived in Swarga Dwar. At least for a month Timuti crying at night before going to bed: "I want to go to the Pope ', I want to go to the Pope,'" and sevgliava during sleep and crying for the pope '. Thanks to other children and to Mr. Lobo, even sacrificing their sleep were able to comfort the little Timuti.

One day while crying Timuti for the Pope ', they took from me. Seeing this, an elderly of the community 'he says wryly, "Father! You treat him more 'than a son, cuddly, send him to school, by all that is necessary, however,' you see, can not Timuti dimentiare the Pope ', he still wants his dad.' " I had a smile unanswered, however, 'I said to myself: "it' s true! and lucky not 'forget the pope', even if the do 'everything you need and a better life than the one that can' give her dad '. Children need love not only of things. Well! The difference between you and Timuti and 'this: when I can give you what' you ask me, you tell me that they are "good" and "generous" and when I can not satisfy you, you tell me that they are "bad" and " stingy. "While the small Timuti teaches us not to forget our parents."

Perhaps we can better understand why 'Jesus' said: "Truly I tell you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives one such child in my name welcomes me. >> (Mt 8, 3-5).

Thanks to all of you 'cause through your support will help us to welcome Jesus' coming to knock on our door by children as Timuti.

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