India’s most auspicious place of cremation known as ‘Swargadwar’ located on the shore of Bay of Bengal (known as Mahodadhi) about two kilometers to the South of Sri Jagannath temple and South-Eastern area of the Holy city of Puri in the state of Odisha. Millions of Hindus believe that, by cremating the body at swargadwar, the soul will attain the ultimate Salvation.

In every Amavasya, Lord Jagannath (Amavasya Narayan) visits the sea (Mahodadhi) which is said to be the house of his in-laws near to this cremation ground. As per ‘Swargadwar prashasti’  of Purushottama Mahatmya in Skandha Purana, everyday the Gods and Goddesses used to land here to visit Lord Jagannath temple.Apart from this, there are many lores and beliefs which are spoken by the locals of Puri.In this creamation ground, one can find ancient temples like Smasana Kali who witnesses all departed souls, followed by Chinmayaswar temple And Bhutanath temple.

Swargadwar Seva Samity

The Swargdwar Seva Samity known as (SSS), puri is a non-profit non-political welfare organization registered under society registration act 1860 and established with an objective to develop and provide better services  and good governance of Puri Swargadwar. The Collector-cum-District magistrate, puri acts as the Ex-officio Chairman of Swargadwar Seva Samity and Sub-Collector,Puri acts as the Convener-Secretary of Swargadwar Seva Samity. Apart from this, with other line department officials, three nominated civil society representatives from different fields are included as the governing body members of SSS.

Governing Body


Siddharth Shankar Swain (I.A.S)
Collector cum District Magistate Puri

Ex-Officio Chairman


Shri Pinak Mishra


S.P Puri

Committee Member


Sri Gopinath Kuanr (Sub Collector) Puri
Ex-Officio Convener cum Secretary


Tanmaya Kumar Dash
Deputy. Collector

Ex-Officio Treasurer


Rudramani Sahoo
Divisional Manager O.F.D.C (B.B.S.R)

Committee Member


Manoj Kumar Behera
E.O Puri Municipality

Committee Member

Bijaya Narayan Ramanuj Das Guru
Mahanta (HT of Kataki Matha)

Nominated G.B Member

talucha (1)

Taluchha Nilakantha Mohapatra
(Sri Mandir Sevayat)

Nominated G.B Member

Sidhartha Roy
(Social Worker)

Nominated G.B Member

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