Harischandra Sahayata Yojana

The Government of Odisha has launched Harischandra Sahayata Yojana to facilitate cremation of the dead and help conduct last rites by the family as per the rituals followed in Hindu tradition. Through this scheme, financial assistance of Rs 3000/-(three thousand rupees) is provided at Swargadwar to the poor and destitute for conducting cremation of the deceased. The Government of Odisha has launched an App for online application in order to get the assistance under  the scheme in Swargadwar. Through this scheme Swargadwar is provided Fire Wood, Mukhagni Package, Brahmin, Dahak fee for the beneficiaries.

General Yojana

Through this Scheme, Peoples who come to conduct the cremation of decreased persons with their own Money, Swargadwar provides Fire wood, Mukhagni Package, Brhamin, Dahak Fee, Pathasradha Package, Kokei etc. at affordable price.

Swarga Ratha

Swarga Ratha, a special vehicle for carrying the ‘Dead’ to Swargadwar is Provided by Swargadwar Seva Samity (S.S.S) within 12 Kms radius .

Body Freezer

Body Freezer is provided by Swargadwar Seva Samiti (S.S.S) to the needy.

Single Window Counter

To make all arrangements, which might be essential to ensuring availability of various materials & services required to be used for the purpose of customary cremation such as fire wood, Puja samagri, Dahak, Purohit & any other materials at single window counter, which has been established under Swargadwar seva Kendra Initiative. This is working round the clock and throughout the year.

fire wood

To ensure sufficient quantity of  fire wood  required for cremation, OFDC is entrusted to provide fire woods at  government price to the mourners.

worship Material

A puja shop running in Swargadwar premise at Present, is managed by ORMAS,  where all kinds of customary cremation items are available  for the users at reasonable price and the shop is operated by single window facility.


Dahak  Provided by Swargadwar Seva Samiti (sss) .


Bramhan Provided by Swargadwar Seva Samiti (sss) .


Cafeteria running at Swargadwar premises managed by OTDC,  is open for 24×7  to provide services to the mourners coming to Swargadwar at reasonable government price.